Cosmoworker was founded on 1 October 2006 and we are still enjoying our work. Since that time, we have considerably expanded the scope of sectors for which we recruit workers: Industry: construction, machinery, construction materials, metal, metallurgy, food, transportation. Agriculture: mushroom-growing houses, vegetables, fruit, pig farms, poultry farms, meat and dairy cattle farms. We specialize in providing services for the Dutch and Belgian markets where we have numerous business partners. We also have job offers in Germany, Italy, Australia and Malaysia. We work with companies operating on various sectors of economy, mostly with the ones dealing with agriculture and specialist as well as non-specialist industries. Cosmoworker recruiters visit the foreign employers, clients and employees a dozen or so times a year, which allows us to continuously monitor and respond to employers’ and workers’ needs. It also helps us gather valuable information concerning job offers, work and accommodation conditions, local employment trends and create optimal solutions in the recruitment process. Simply put, we know what we are talking about. Currently we are trying to bolster our position on the Dutch market, expand our base of candidates with permanent residency in Holland, Belgium and Germany, as well as to extend the network of companies cooperating with us. Continuous monitoring and analysis of job offers as well as candidates help us create maps of regions that our workers come from. It also allows us to make schedules predicting increased supply and demand for workers depending on the time of the year. All this translates into higher effectivity of our operations. Recently, we have been intensifying our activities concerning specialist jobs from various sectors.
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Work in various sectors in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Svetainė: www.cosmoworker.com
Adresas: Smolna 13A/178, 61-008 Poznań Poland
Telefonas: 0048 61 250-4-250
Miestas: Užsienis

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